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What Is The Length Of Time You Can Be On Bail? That’s a great question! Read below to learn more. If at any point you’re in need to a local bail agent in Costa Mesa, contact Bullseye Cheap Bail Bonds today to get a free quote.

Bail is granted by a judge under a court order and guarantee that the defendant will not break the conditions set forth and flee before their court date. The defendant must promise to show up to his or her court date for the subsequent hearing. The shortest answer for the question above is bail can last for as long as it can. The only condition is the accused must remain cooperative and have family and friends that can vouch for their return to their court day. Conditions may change on how long the accused can stay out of bail depending on a number of circumstances. 

Judges set the bail amount off of a pre-set bail amount for the charge against the accused. The judge will have a prioritized list of who is available for bail, since everyone wants bail but not everyone cannot be seen by the judge at the same time. The judge will review each case individually and the defendants situation to see if the pre-set bail should be lowered or raised if they are a flight risk among other conditions. 

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires that bail be set to a tolerable amount, not one that is too excessive. Bail should can cannot be intended to raise money for private gain. The entire purpose of bail is to allow a suspect to handle affairs and spend time with family out of court until their hearing is settled. This allows for a better economy overall and delivers a chance for the defendant to make sure their affairs are in order if they are to be convicted of a crime. 

Remember, a bail can last as long as necessary and needed, so long as the defendant complies with all conditions set forth by the court. They defendant will have to comply with all conditions of release, which will include meeting with a parole officer to ensure all conditions are being met. If at any point the suspect violates ANY of the conditions set forth by the judge they can be re-arrested and may not be eligible for another bail. 

It helps the suspect if they have strong ties within the community and those who can vouch they are not a flight risk. Bail can be lowered for those who show a presence in the community they belong in. It is a fact in the courts that those who have a strong community base are less likely to run away before their court hearing. 

There may be instances in which bail is lowered and granted immediately for circumstances such as a family death or medical emergency. Bail may even be granted for a longer time if the defendant’s own illness is beyond government medical assistance and must remain at a nearby hospital for treatment. The defendant will be subject to regular check-ups by local parole officers. 

The average amount of days allowed for bail range from 90 to 120 days in most states. Many cases are resolved during this time. If a case remains longer a judge will grant more time for bail if the conditions of bail are met and the defendant has been cooperative during the entire process. 

To recap, bail is set for nearly 90 to 120 much of the time. That time may be extended or diminished with conditions such as medical conditions to remaining a flight risk for the court. Everyday conditions must be handle with care by the defendant as to not violate any limitation set forth by the judge. If you are in need of local Costa Mesa bail bonds, give us a call to get started started!

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