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What Can I Use For Collateral To Bail Out A Loved One?

When someone you care for is jailed and placed into custody the first thing you are going to need to do is figure out if they are eligible for bail. If you find they are available, but cannot afford to pay for the bail you will have to contact a local Fullerton bail bondsman.

Bullseye Cheap Bail Bonds allow the defendant to get out of jail until their court hearing for their case. When a defendant is able to get out of jail it can allow them to get back to work, give attention to their family, and take care of affairs in the event they are convicted and sent to prison. 

As amazing as bail bonds in Fullerton can seem there are cases where bail will not be available. For the cases that bail is available it is important to note that laws require bail cannot be excessive, yet most cannot afford a bail in cash at any given time. In these events, you can use a financing options or use something as collateral. 

Our goal is to show you exactly what can be used as collateral for a bail bond. Collateral can be many things, so let’s take a look at the most common 5 collateral. 

  1. Real Estate

Real estate is a very common use for collateral but can be very dangerous and serve as a slippery slope for some with a high risk case. Anyhow, real estate can include land or buildings. The key with real estate is it must be owned by the person willing to offer it. Real estate is in most part owned by the bank and is not acceptable unless you have a substantial amount of equity in it which can be pulled out of the building for bail. 

  1. Vehicles And More

A title for a car, boat, RV, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and more can be used as bail collateral. You must own the vehicle in order to use it as collateral. If you owe payments on anything you will more than likely NOT be able to use the item for collateral.

  1. Stocks And Bonds

Guaranteed stocks and bonds can be used as collateral. So long as the guaranteed invested exceeds the bail amount it may be used as collateral. All of that has to be done in order for stocks and bonds to be accepted as collateral is to sign over legal ownership of the stocks.

  1. Valuables

Jewelry, precious metals such as silver or gold, firearms, and expensive items can be used as collateral. The bail agent will have to certify that the market value of the item up for collateral exceeds the amount of bail in order to be used as collateral. If in any matter the defendant fails to show up in court the valuables will be sold to recoup the money.

  1. High-Quality Electronics

Current technology such as televisions, desktop and laptop computers, video game systems, and other electronics are common bail collateral items since they can be pawned for cash if necessary. The benefit of these items is many have them around their home. These items are common collateral items because they can be used by anyone and almost everyone has them to sell and purchase. 

Should I Use My Items For Collateral?

Putting up collateral can be a daunting task, especially when it is an item you care for or even your house! The benefit is you are giving someone you care for a chance to tie up loose ends and handle affairs with their current life and family. Those out of jail can better prepare a defense case for their trail as well as handle affairs in the event they are convicted.

The good part of putting up collateral for bail is you WILL receive the item, vehicle, or house back if the defendant shows up to their trail. The majority of those in trouble do show up for their court date. If you have any questions about putting up bail, our Fullerton office and team is here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us today!  

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