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Frequently Asked Questions In Huntington Beach

Clients that post bail often post pail without ever having to do so once in their life. Bailing out a loved one whether a family or a friend is stressful to say the least. The goal may be to get the member out of jail as fast as possible which may lead to missed questions. Your Huntington Beach bail bond agent will do the best to answer all of your questions, but there are still simple, yet common questions always asked once bail is posted. These questions are 100% understandable, especially when emotions are running high and stress builds with every second. Call Bullseye Cheap Bail Bonds today to get a free quote.

Below are some of the most common bail questions after bail is posted. If you ever find yourself in this situation, knowing these answers may save you time and stress.

Questions #1: Do I Get Any Money Back?

The fees you pay when you work with a bail bondsman is a fee that is non-refundable. You will not receive that money back, regardless of the outcome of the case. Many who work without a bail bondsman can save on these fees, but working with a bail bondsman can lower the amount of bond. A bond can be acquired for much less than attempting to pay the bail directly. The fee of the bail across most bail amounts is 10%.

Questions #2: Is There Financing Available?

Most bail amounts can be high in price, making it difficult to pay the 10% fee required to post bail. Because of the high prices many bail companies offer payment plan options. Many often forget that pricing of the bond can be affected by numerous factors, such as risk of flight if released. Every case is extremely different, but if you cannot afford to pay the fee without a payment plan, please inform your bail agent before you sign any of the paperwork. 

If your bail bondsman offers payment plans there will be numerous factors that will determine the amount of the monthly payments. The court will set the amount based off your credit score, employment record, and whether or not you rent or own your home.  

Questions #3: Can The Bail Amount Be Changed After Bail Is Posted?

The shortest answer is yes, but there has to be a strong legitimate reason. The bail amount is set by a bond schedule, which are pre-set bail amounts for various charges. The judge can and will consider other factors if the bond posted is for a violent crime or another serious incident. The circumstances of the crime will be taken into account as well as the defendants current conduct and past criminal record. The probability of the defendant skipping their court date will also be taken into account. There can be many more circumstances the judge will take into account. 

Even if the judge sets an amount it can change when new circumstances become present. This may happen if it is discovered that the charge is more serious than previously thought.

Another reason a bail amount may increase is if the victim of the crime worsens in condition  which may result if serious damage or lifelong injury. If the defendant’s mental health seems to be failing and seems to become a danger to their self or others the judge may increase bail. 

In order for the judge to change the bail amount there has to be a legitimate reason. 

If you’re in Huntington Beach and have asked yourself these questions, we hope the three answers to these questions will help you bail a friend or a family member

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