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The Conditions For Defendants Before Their Court Date

When you or a loved one is arrested then gets out of jail with a Laguna Beach bail bond, it gives that person a chance to gather their belongings, handle affairs, and spend time with family before their court date. Being set on bail allows the defendant a good opportunity to make sure their affairs are in order if they are convicted and go to prison. 

When a defendant is set on bail and arrives at home they will be given limitations in what they can do. These limitations will be court ordered requirements the defendant must follow on bail. If these conditions aren’t met and/or violated the defendant can be taken back into custody and further charges may be added to their trial along with bail being forfeited. 

What are conditions a judge usually sets when a defendant is on bail? These limitations or conditions are based on the judge’s discretion and circumstances of the charges against the defendant. The defendant’s criminal history will be taken into account along with the history of substance abuse, mental condition, type of crime committed, and more.

Each case will be different and relative to each defendant, but typical bail limitations go as followed. 

  1. The Defendant Must Appear For Check-Ins

All defendants will have to check in with a parole officer or probation officer from time to time. Defendants out on bail must appear for check-ins with with pre-trial service officers to ensure the defendant is upholding their conditions set forth by the court. Apply for cheap bail bonds near you today.

  1. The Defendant Must Not Travel Outside of Their Designated Area

Most judges will file a condition that the defendant is not allowed to travel while they are on bail, unless otherwise noted with conditions. This condition is often practiced with all courts to ensure the defendant stays in the area of the courts. 

  1. The Defendant Must Make An Effort To Seek Employment

It is common for a judge to order the defendant to actively seek employment. If a defendant already has employment they are encouraged and most times mandated to keep working while they are on bail.  Get a free bail bond quote today by calling in.

  1. The Defendant Must Remain Clean 

The defendant must not at any time during bail become intoxicated with drugs or alcohol, especially for drug or alcohol offenses. 

  1. The Defendant Cannot Own A Gun

It is very common for a judge to waive the right to own a firearm or seek to purchase a firearm. This can hold as a condition even if the crime didn’t involve any weapons. 

  1. The Must Respect No-Contact Orders

If the defendant was arrested for a violent crime such as domestic offense or any other offense involving threats or staking you will be issued a no-contact order. This means an individual cannot contact the alleged victims or any witnesses to the case.

  1. The Defendant Must Stick To Curfew

The defendant must stick to their curfew everyday and must strictly abide by it. 

  1. The Defendant Must Attend All Classes or Training

If the defendant’s criminal offense relates to drug or alcohol abuse the court may order treatment, counseling, or behavioral classes of any kind. The defendant must uphold all dates and attend the schedule set by the court. 

The defendant must follow all conditions set forth by the judge or the defendant may suffer additional consequences for violation.

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